There are lots of considerations when planning Stephanie's Kitchen Garden each year, not only do we enjoy growing a range of organic fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs, but we also use the garden to test many of our products in a real life growing environment. We like to thoroughly test and use our products to make sure we are offering our customers quality products that really do work. 

This year we decided to enlist the talent of one of our design team to bring all our planting plans and sketches of the Kitchen Garden to life. A planting plan is ideal for working out what we will be growing and where and also which of our products we shall be incorporating into the plan, but these illustrations really make it come alive. 


Kitchen Garden Layout Planting Plan PLANTING GUIDE & PRODUCT LIST


1. Asparagus
2. Runner Beans - Superior Bean Frame 2m - GDA-020
3. French Beans - Vintage Bean Frame Black - GDA-438
4. Broad Beans
5. Asparagus - Standard Metal Raised Beds - 1.2m x 2.4m / 3 Tier - Anthracite Grey
6. Pyrus Concorde
7. Butternut Squash - Steel Pyramid Obelisk Silk Grey - ARC-481
8. Evergreen Clematis - Steel Pyramid Obelisk Lichen Green - ARC-482
9. Sugar Snap Peas - Vintage Pea Frame Rust - GDA-440


10. Onion
11. Leeks
12. Shallots
13. Beetroot
14. Apple - Single Hoop Arch 2m Wide - ARC-225
15. Sweetcorn


16. Potatoes


17. Apple - Single Hoop Arch 2m Wide - ARC-225
18. Broccoli
19. Cabbage
20. Cauliflower
21. Brussels Sprouts


22. Pear - Roman Arch Black - ARC-038
23. Sage
24. Carrot - Standard Wooden Raised Beds - GDN-472 / Slot & Lock Cage 
25. Celery - Standard Wooden Raised Beds - GDN-472 / Slot & Lock Cage 
26. Celeriac - Standard Wooden Raised Beds - GDN-472 / Slot & Lock Cage


27. Salad Green - Standard Wooden Raised Bed - GDN-472 / Cold Frame
28. Kale - Standard Wooden Raised Bed - GDN-472 / Slot & Lock Cage
29. Blackberry - Roman Arch Black - ARC-038
30. Salad Purple - Standard Wooden Raised Bed - GDN-472 / Slot & Lock Cage
31. Spinach - Standard Wooden Raised Bed - GDN-472 / Slot & Lock Cage
32. Sweet Peas - Square Column Obelisk Black - ARC-129


33. Rhubarb
34. Parsnip - Superior Wooden Raised Bed - GDN-474
35. Plant TBC - Steel Grand Round Column Obelisk - ARC-212
36. Horseradish - Mini Manger 0.6m - GPL-694


37. Asparagus
38. Blackcurrant
39. Blackcurrant
40. Summer Raspberry - Summer Raspberry Support GDN-862
41. Blueberries
42. Strawberries - Superior Metal Raised Bed Anthracite - MRB-001
43. Autumn Raspberry - Harrod Vintage Autumn Raspberry Frame - GDA-435
44. Whitecurrant
45. Redcurrant
46. Strawberries - Superior Metal Raised Bed Anthracite - MRB-001 / Decorative Peak Roof Steel Fruit Cage - GFC-129


47. Garlic - Standard Wooden Raised Bed - GDN-472
48. Salad x 2 - Maxi Manger Trough Planter - GPL-702
49. Strawberries - Superior Metal Raised Bed Lichen Green - MRB-002
50. Sweet Potato - Superior Metal Raised Bed Lichen Green - MRB-002
51. Squash - Superior Metal Raised Bed Lichen Green - MRB-002


Kitchen Garden illustration - Front View

This view from the front of the Kitchen Garden clearly shows the main garden beds with the box hedging providing attractive edging to each bed. The arches over the central pathway are a stunning addition to the garden, not only adding structural interest to the design, but also providing strong support for climbing plants. Different pea and bean frames will be used in the first bed to support various peas and bean varieties and there are a range of obelisks to provide attractive and practical plant support. 

Kitchen Garden Front View illustrationKitchen Garden Illustration - Back View

Looking from the back of the Kitchen Garden towards the greenhouse with the wooden raised beds in the foreground in various styles and sizes to add interest to this growing area. Many of the raised beds will feature cages to protect the plants from pests and animal damage. The linked roman arches to the left create a tunnel which will support pear trees and has given us a great harvest for many years now. Various obelisks are visible throughout the garden supporting different climbing plants. The peaked roof cage, home to many of the soft fruit bushes, is featured in the background. 

Kitchen Garden Back View illustration

Kitchen Garden Illustration - Peak Roof Steel Fruit Cage

The peak roof fruit cage makes an imposing statement in the garden and is the perfect home for many of our fruit bushes. In the cage we will have our raspberry support frames, one each for the summer and autumn varieties. We are also planning to have a metal raised bed for our strawberries, with the fruit cage stopping any birds stealing the fruits! 

Kitchen Garden Peak Roof Cage Illustration

We hope that our plans and illustrations give you some inspiration for this gardening year - we can't wait to get some photos later in the season to compare against these illustrations and our original planting plans. 

Happy Gardening!