Popadome Crop Covers

We are proud to supply the innovative Popadome crop covers. The All-in-One Fruit & Vegetable Net Protection System. These award-winning crop protection covers are a quick and simple solution to protect your plants from birds, butterflies, slugs, snails and inclement weather. 

Popadome Crop Protection Frame with Butterfly Netting

This innovative frame offers protection throughout the year with the addition of your choice of Fleece, Polyethylene and Insect Mesh Covers. Suitable for both the kitchen garden and allotments to protect everything from young seedlings, to fully grown plants to newly seeded lawns. Can be used either singly or in multiple arrangements for larger areas. 

The easy to assemble framework of fibreglass poles is covered with Butterfly netting, ideal to protect brassicas from cabbage white butterfly. The UV stable netting cover features an innovative copper strip which is built into the netting design to deter slugs and stop them getting to your precious plants. Access to plants is simple using the zip access strip, making watering and harvesting crops easy.

The optional Polyethylene Cover will protect young seedlings and established plants from frost and will fit snugly on top of the frame creating a mini greenhouse or cloche to keep plants in a warmer environment. The PVC style cloche cover provides superb plant protection against harsh weather and help to create a warm micro climate for crops.

The optional Fleece Cover will help to warm up the soil for an earlier sowing of crops and also protect against freezing temperatures later in the season. Fleece being porous, allows air and water through creating a healthier environment for plant growth.  Made from strong, spun bonded 60gsm, permeable, tear resistant fleece UV stabilised for long life. Buying a good quality fleece cover that gives the longest life is most sustainable compared to cheap fleece options that may only last one season. 

The Insect Mesh cover is a superb solution to add to protect your plants from smaller flying insects. The fine 50gsm insect net has a 1mm mesh size and will stop pests such as carrot fly and cabbage root fly from damaging crops and a perfect choice for the organic gardener. 

Also available in the Popadome crop protection range is the 1.8m x 0.6m Popadome Tunnel again available with the same 3 additional high quality cover options.

The Popadome Fruit Tree Cover has a 10mm square mesh and offers your fruit trees complete protection from birds stealing your prized fruit. It is easily erected in minutes by fitting the fibreglass poles together that feed through a sleeve in the netting 

So, for an easy to use, simple, effective crop protection system look no further than the award winning Popadome range!


Reasons To Buy
  • Innovative, award winning design
  • Simple, quick assembly
  • Range of sizes available
  • Butterfly netting, insect mesh, polythene and fleece covers
  • Built in copper strip to deter slugs
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK