Butterfly Netting

Butterfly netting is a must for both the serious gardener and the 'grown your own' novice alike, although butterflies are not all bad news - they feed on nectar and pollinate flowers – their caterpillars can do extraordinary damage to your brassica crops.

The cabbage white larvae in particular can make the leaves of a healthy brassica crop look like a lace doily in no time.  Using either a soft butterfly netting, which is easy to drape over frames, or our rigid plastic mesh butterfly netting will help your say goodbye to skeletal leaves.

Soft Mesh Butterfly Netting 

Soft to the touch but definitely hard on butterflies, this netting is the ideal material to keep your home-grown vegetables and brassicas in particular caterpillar-free.

This versatile 7mm mesh, multifilament black netting is soft and light enough to lay over crops and will also protect against birds, game and domestic animals such as cats, making it a 'must have' netting for any potting shed or allotment store.

You'll frustrate the cabbage white butterflies’ season after season with this anti butterfly netting as the 100% polyethylene construction gives a long-life expectancy. 

Rigid Plastic Mesh Butterfly Netting 

A heavy-duty UV stabilised, strong butterfly netting with a 7mm mesh. Made from extruded black polypropylene and whilst fairly rigid, this net is still flexible enough to mould around structures and plants. 

A superior weighted netting, weighing in at 17g per square metre. Perfect for protecting your brassica crop and other vegetables in the kitchen garden or on the allotment.

Although the 7mm mesh netting is small enough to keep out the cabbage white butterfly, it will also exclude a number of bees and other beneficial insects which help with pollination. For protecting vegetables that require pollination we would recommend removing the net during the flowering period or that you chose a larger mesh netting such as our 20mm x 20mm diamond mesh bird netting.  

Butterfly netting is available by the linear metre and in a range of Extra Value Netting Saver Packs to save you pounds!


Reasons To Buy
  • Cut to size & extra value saver packs available
  • 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m & 12m widths available
  • UV stable, reusable netting
  • Stop butterflies laying eggs on your crops, preventing caterpillar damage
  • Soft mesh and rigid plastic netting
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK