Netting Accessories

Range of pegs, clips and ties perfect for securing your garden netting.

  • Simple and effective solutions for securing your netting
  • Pegs and clips for all types of netting
  • Innovative Harrod Easy Claw Net Pegs in stock
  • Strong and reliable pegs, clips and ties
  • Potting shed essentials

The netting accessories we've gathered together consist mainly of those gardening essentials such as ground pegs, net clips, net ties, and various other fixings you'll need to secure your garden netting in place.

After all, it's pointless going to all that effort to protect your crops if the slightest gust of wind opens the window of opportunity to any number of pests.

We'd urge you to keep a supply of these very useful netting accessories on hand at all times - you never know when you're going to need them!

Netting Accessories

Useful Netting Accessories