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Stephanie's Garden Blog

Welcome to Stephanie's Garden Blog, where we keep you up to date with our gardening exploits and anything we think might be of interest in the big wide world of gardening. With regular updates from Stephanie and Jo, from sowing to harvesting, we hope you enjoy following our gardening journey! 


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Vegetable Plants are growing fast in the Kitchen Garden

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 21 March 2017

The recent warm spring weather has brought a growth spurt to all areas of the garden, rhododendrons are beginning to flower and our young vegetable plants are getting bigger by the minute. Unfortunately the weeds are also enjoying the conditions and are thriving!

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The season is in full swing

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 15 March 2017

The warmer weather has finally arrived in the Kitchen Garden and we have been enjoying some sunny spring conditions. The rhohodendron buds are showing subtle hints of the colour that is soon to come and the weeds are beginning to grow. A sure sign that the temperature is rising!

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Tray upon tray of seedlings in the Greenhouse

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 3 March 2017

The greenhouse is the central focus of our Kitchen Garden at the moment, as it is home to tray upon tray of seedlings and small plants.

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Special Treat for Pancake Day

Posted in Category News by Jo on 28 February 2017

Traditionally, pancakes were eaten on this day to use up rich, indulgent foods like eggs and milk before the 40-day fasting season of Lent began. But although it is enshrined in Christian tradition, it is believed that Pancake Day might originate from a pagan holiday, when eating warm, round pancakes - symbolising the sun - was a way of celebrating the arrival of spring and here is one of our favourite recipes.

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Pricking out seedling in the greenhouse

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 27 February 2017

At last we have reached the end of February and the Spring is about to begin. After the hard work of the winter, it?s time for the growing to really start. Inside the greenhouse this week, we will carrying out one of my favourite jobs of the gardening year; pricking out seedlings.

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