Southwold collection

Luxury Metal Garden Chairs by Southwold

Your outside space, be it patio, balcony or sprawling retreat, deserves to be thought of as an extension of your home. With our exquisite Southwold Collection, you can invest in garden furniture that is every bit as stylish and well-designed as any interior piece. 

Garden Chairs

Design & Comfort

Whether you want to while away the hours with a good book, or sit momentarily while you sip your morning coffee al fresco… our Southwold chairs have been carefully crafted with your comfort in mind. And even though they look great with cushions, their unique ergonomics and design ensures comfort is guaranteed even without padding. 

Handcrafted Production

Handmade by skilled technicians following blacksmith’s tradition, the timeless chairs feature a rolled top back, improving both aesthetics and comfort, while two designs comprise broadly sweeping arms ending in scrolls, perfectly echoing the detail of the feet and back. 

Hand Etched Finish

Following a hot bath in molten-zinc to deter corrosion, each chair is chemically etched by hand resulting in a handsome, antique finish. Testament to their unique finish, each piece in the Southwold Collection develops its own character that quite simply evolves with age and improves as the product weathers. Though the finish is always varied, we guarantee that it will perfectly enhance, rather than dominate the natural beauty of your outside space. What’s more, with a 25-year guarantee, these timeless pieces can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Choose from our Side Chair (without arms), our more formal Carver Chair (with arms), or a combination of them both. Meanwhile, our most recent ‘Casual Chair’ – with a lower-slung back and wider, deeper base – is based on the same principles as our existing chairs but with even greater comfort in mind. As with our other chairs, larger cushions are available to purchase separately, though the chair design ensures they are just as comfortable without. 

25 Year Guarantee

The pièce de resistance of our Southwold Furniture collection is it’s lengthy 25-year structural guarantee. However, ou