Potting & Sowing Equipment

Essential garden supplies to help you grow your own from seed including propagators, potting equipment, compost mixes, feed and fertiliser, soil improvers and a range of plant ties and labels.

Whether you are a serious greenhouse grower or just starting your growing journey, our carefully selected products will be very popular greenhouse and potting shed additions. Growing from seed, though to planting out and labelling, we have all you need for a successful harvest.

Browse the range and stock up on all those growing essentials and make your greenhouse and vegetable plot more productive than ever!

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Propagators A propagator will revolutionise your seed sowing activities by dramatically improving seed germination as a propagator provides ideal warm and humid conditions - and our extensive range is sure to have the ideal propagator whatever size or ...Read More Propagators

Potting Equipment

Potting Equipment Our potting equipment range will keep your production line of young vegetable and ornamental plants well oiled and running at maximum efficiency, with potting products to suit all your requirements.

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Potting Equipment

Soil Improvers & Compost

Soil Improvers & Compost Make the most of your soil with our range of soil improvers and compost, helping to improve soil fertility for stronger plant growth and bigger fruit and vegetable harvests.

With our best selling Rock Dust to replenish the nutrients ...Read More
Soil Improvers & Compost

Plant Labels & Markers

Plant Labels & Markers Our comprehensive range of plant labels provide a solution for all growing situations, from simple plastic labels for seedlings to large slate effect labels which make a stylish addition to any vegetable garden.

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Plant Labels & Markers

Plant Feed & Fertilisers

Plant Feed & Fertilisers Our range of organic plant feed; food; and fertilisers have been carefully chosen to improve plant health; vigour; and cropping. Healthy plants are more able to fight off pests and disease so using the right feed and fertilisers will really increase ...Read More Plant Feed & Fertilisers

Topsoil & Bark

Topsoil & Bark We're delighted to offer you three grades of excellent soil; the Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil should go a long way to helping you keep the family - and friends - in vegetables; Blended Loam Topsoil for all your landscaping projects, beds and ...Read More Topsoil & Bark
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