Aluminium Fruit Cages

10 Year Anti-Corrosion Framework Guarantee

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Corrosion resistant strong aluminium framework.
  • Premium quality, made to last roof and side netting.
  • Extensive range of sizes to suit all gardens.
  • Complete kits, including framework, netting, door and fixings.

Aluminium Fruit Cages are the most cost effective fruit cage for crop protection - with a natural non-rusting finish, supplied with heavy duty fruit cage side netting, high quality anti-bird fruit cage roof netting and secured with rigid expanding connectors, you certainly get a lot  for your money.

Providing 2 metres of working (and plant growing!) height and supplied complete with a door, netting, clips, pegs and ties along with a fully illustrated instruction booklet, our walk-in aluminium fruit cages are designed for use on flat and very slightly sloping surfaces, but we are able to specially design cages for uneven or steeply sloping sites, along with bespoke cages and other variations, including non-standard sizes.

And we're also rather proud of the fact that the framework - 25mm diameter uprights and top rods - we supply as standard makes our walk-in aluminium fruit cages the strongest in their class.

Aluminium Fruit Cages

Premium quality fruit cages for great crop protection