Raised Beds

Our range includes award winning wooden and stylish steel raised bed planters along with strong liners, netting and mesh protection covers.


Raised bed gardening is the way many 'grow-your-own' fruit and vegetable gardeners are heading and rightly so you can grow in otherwise unsuitable soil type or locations, offer improved drainage and soil structure (you can tailor the soil to the crops you're growing) and the extra height of soil increases rooting depth, allowing you to grow a real variety of good quality vegetables in a confined space.


And that’s not all; cloches, tunnels or frames can easily be erected over the bed to support protection netting; there’s no need to walk on the soil so compaction is avoided; you can work at a comfortable height (especially handy for wheelchair users and those with back problems) and the close planting creates a micro-climate leading to healthy plants and bigger crops. You may also have some nasty soil borne disease in your vegetable plot or garden beds and a raised bed will get you growing again.

Now you’re hooked on the idea, the next question is can we help? A resounding yes is the answer, in the form of our which best buy wooden and steel raised bed planters for that contemporary look and all the associated extras you can think of.


Time to raise your standards and your bed!

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Wooden Raised Beds

Wooden Raised Beds Our extensive range of award winning and guaranteed wooden raised beds are ideal for growing vegetables and herbs, or for raising flower beds. We have researched, designed and UK manufactured our timber beds to suit every garden ...Read More Wooden Raised Beds

Metal Raised Beds

Metal Raised Beds Metal Raised Beds are a contemporary alternative to the more traditional Wooden Raised Beds and also look fantastic as stylish planters on the patio or deck. Easy to maintain and with a 10 year structural guarantee the Harrod Metal Raised Beds will ...Read More Metal Raised Beds

Wooden Trough Planters & Tables

Wooden Trough Planters & Tables Our extensive range of manger style Wooden Trough Planters and Raised Bed Tables are the perfect solution for growing your own fruit and vegetables on the patio, decking or just where space is a premium.

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Wooden Trough Planters & Tables

Plastic Raised Beds

Plastic Raised Beds Plastic raised beds allow your garden to be multi-use and versatile and when producing fresh, home-grown vegetables and herbs becomes a seasonal task, our plastic raised beds could be the perfect solution.

Simple and quick to erect ...Read More
Plastic Raised Beds

Protection Covers

Protection Covers Raised Bed protection is essential if you don't want a rogue's gallery of rabbits, birds, insects and even the weather to get hold of your carefully nurtured home grown vegetables, fruit and herbs before you - and without the various nets, ...Read More Protection Covers

Hoops & Plant Covers

Hoops & Plant Covers Hoops and plant covers form a pest and weather-busting double act which keeps your plants protected with the minimum of fuss. Grappling with reluctant netting will be a thing of the past with our fitted covers, held safely above the growing ...Read More Hoops & Plant Covers

Topsoil & Bark

Topsoil & Bark We're delighted to offer you three grades of excellent soil; the Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil should go a long way to helping you keep the family - and friends - in vegetables; Blended Loam Topsoil for all your landscaping projects, beds and ...Read More Topsoil & Bark
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