Plant Feed & Fertilisers

Natural Plant Feeds & Fertilisers to Improve Plant Health

  • Organic Range of Plant Feeds
  • Improve Plant Health & Vigour
  • Encourage Bigger Harvests
  • Healthy Plants For Better Pest Resistance
  • No Chemical Residue

Our range of organic plant feed; food; and fertilisers have been carefully chosen to improve plant health; vigour; and cropping. Healthy plants are more able to fight off pests and disease so using the right feed and fertilisers will really increase your yields.

Our carefully selected range only includes organic, natural products that will help plant growth without leaving any residual chemicals in the soil. You can be sure that your home grown fruit and veg will thrive and taste great too!


Plant Feed & Fertilisers

Plant Feed & Fertilisers Range by Harrod Horticultural