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We are passionate about our gardening here at Harrod Horticultural and encounter the same pests, diseases and general garden problems as everybody else in Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden.  

So for advice on any gardening problem, put our Horticultural Expert Jo Blackwell to the test, we are confident she can help! 


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Leylandii Hedge Problems

Answered by Expert Louise Archived in Category Seeds, Plants & Trees

I have leylandii in a row to form a barrier between my garden and next door. There are some brown parts and I have a close up of the dead bit too, what do you think is causing this please?

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Spider Mite Problems

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Pest Control & Nature

I have several conifers that appear to have been quite seriously affected by spidermite. They have new growth but only on the top extremities and the lower 80% of the trees are almost dead. Can these trees be revived or is removing them the only solution?

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Couch Grass

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Weed control

COUCH GRASS please can you tell me how to be rid of this creeping monster?

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Growing in Raised Beds

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Raised Beds

The time has come to clear out the raised beds. Can you tell me what to do: Remove all the soil? Place the liners? Mix it with something like well rotted compost or sand? Put it back? Sounds like a lot of work!

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Calculating soil requirements for raised beds

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Soil, Feed & Fertilisers

Can you advise me on how to calculate the quantity of growing medium required, the best option to use and the need for anything additional?

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