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We are passionate about our gardening here at Harrod Horticultural and encounter the same pests, diseases and general garden problems as everybody else in Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden.  

So for advice on any gardening problem, put our Horticultural Expert Jo Blackwell to the test, we are confident she can help! 


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Blight Watch

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Netting & Protection

As the manager of our allotment society I have been asked to find out what we can use against blight now that Bordeaux mixture is no longer available. Can you suggest something?

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Growing in Raised Beds

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Raised Beds

The time has come to clear out the raised beds. Can you tell me what to do: Remove all the soil? Place the liners? Mix it with something like well rotted compost or sand? Put it back? Sounds like a lot of work!

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Are Circular Plant Supports Best?

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Seeds, Plants & Trees

I have attached pictures of the shrub rose that I am wanting to buy a support for, it produces masses of blooms each year and becomes weighted down as a consequence . Would the circular support help, at present its propped up with a spade and fork handle!

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Freestanding Staging for Greenhouse

Answered by Expert Jo Archived in Category Greenhouse

I'm thinking about buying an 8ft x 6ft superior greenhouse and am not quite sure about the staging. The base for the greenhouse is on patio slabs and I plan to have staging on one side so I can grow tomatoes in pots on the other side. I like the idea of the two tier staging with the bottom wooden slatted shelf but am confused by the sizing.

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Protection for Mulberry Tree

Answered by Expert Expert Archived in Category Netting & Protection

We have a maturing mulberry tree which, this year, already looks as though it will produce a bumper crop of fruit.But we also have many bird visitors! So my concern is how best to protect the tree from the birds and in a way that wont harm the birds, either.

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