Garden Screens

Our range of Garden Screens include our unique Roman and Ogee screen designs, along with the beautifully designed laser cut aluminium screen panels featuring their intricate patterns.

Harrod Garden Screens

Manufactured here in Suffolk and based on our popular roman and ellipse arches these practical screens make a real statement in the garden and great for sectioning off different areas of the garden.

Made using high quality galvanised steel which is high temperature powder coated for an attractive, long lasting weatherproof finish. These Harrod Garden Screens come with a 10 Year Framework guarantee.

Our exclusive Harrod Screens provide a robust yet elegant framework. Ideal for supporting a wide range of climbing plants such as clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle and are a much more durable alternative to wooden screens and trellis. 

Harrod Laser Screen Panels

These Laser cut screens are available in three stunning designs Brunel, Moroccan and Leaf and are perfect for creating an attractive focal point in the garden. The high-quality panels are laser cut from 3mm thick aluminium and then de-burred for safety. High temperature powder coated in an attractive anthracite grey for a long-lasting weatherproof finish. 

Laser screen panels can be fixed to a wall or fence or purchased in one of our panel and post kits. The panels measure 1.64m high and 91cm wide, when using with the starter post kit the overall height is 1.8m high and 1m wide.  Posts measure 63mm square and 2.4m high with 60cm designed to be inserted into the ground for stability. 

These stylish panels and posts will make a real statement in the garden, adding interest and creating a unique design. 

Harrod Wall Top Panels

The Harrod Wall Top Panels provide attractive screening above brick or stone walls, ideal for training plants and adding privacy between neighbouring properties. Strong enough to support even heavy climbers like wisteria. The trellis panels are precision engineered using welded 6mm steel wire mesh with an 8mm steel wire surround frame.

Each wall top panel measures 155cm Long and secured by 2 posts measuring 54cm high. The panels come as starter kits which include 1 panel and 2 posts and then choose as many extension kits as you need which include a panel and 1 post.

Harrod Wall & Fence Wire Kit

The Harrod Wall & Fence Wire Kit is a simple, strong and cost-effective solution for screening the top of a wall or fence. Perfect for supporting a range of climbing plants and enhance the decorative appearance of fencing panels and walls.  

High strength 2mm diameter multi-strand galvanised steel plant support cable passes through holes in the steel posts and is tensioned by professional galvanised steel gripple clips. Starter kits include enough wire for 3 lines of 4m length, reliable gripple clips and 3 posts. Extension kits are available and include enough wire for 3 lines of 4m length, gripple clips and 2 posts.

Harrod Screens, Laser Panels and Wall and Fence toppers would make a stunning feature in any outdoor space. Give the garden an instant makeover and provide support for all manner of climbing plants and fragrant blooms.

Reasons To Buy
Long Guarantees
Long Guarantees
  • Designed and Made in the UK
  • 10 Year Framework Guarantee
  • High Quality Materials
  • Different Styles to Suit Your Garden
  • Attractive Exclusive Designs
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK