Garden Plant Supports & Stakes

Plant Supports are a practical and effective way to protect plants susceptible to damage by wind and heavy rain. Many perennials in borders often have strong heavy growth and it is advisable to stake them early on in the season, especially tall plants with large flowers to prevent them flopping as they grow.

We have developed a comprehensive range that look great in the garden and still provide great support for a variety of plants. Available in lots of styles and sizes to suit your garden and various finishes to complement traditional or more contemporary gardens.

If you position plant supports in the spring then the plants will grow through the supports and obscure them from view. When the plants die back later in the year then the supports become a feature in their own right adding interest to garden beds and borders.  

Reasons for choosing plant supports:

  • Plants with tall brittle stems and flower spikes, e.g. delphinium, are easily damaged by strong winds and heavy rain
  • Clumps of many perennials can split and flop on the ground in bad weather or under the weight of their own flowers
  • Even shorter perennials can droop over the edges garden beds and borders damaging grass and will need support
  • Flowers of plants like peonies or dahlias, can become heavy and need to be well supported to appreciate them fully
  • Collapsed stems can also hide adjoining plants

Design & Manufacture

All of the plant supports are crafted in our Suffolk factory so we can ensure that the highest quality is met. Combining 70 years of manufacturing experience with premium materials allows us to produce plant supports that come with a 5 year guarantee. 

Each plant support is made using solid steel rod which is shaped into the various shapes and sizes. We currently supply the plant supports in 4 finishes:

  • Natural rust, where the plant support is supplied in untreated steel which develops an attractive rust patina over time.
  • Classic Matt Black – the plant support is powder coated in a stylish matt black for optimum protection from the elements. 
  • Lichen Green – again this is a powder coated finish in an elegant soft green colour which suits both cottage style or modern gardens. 
  • Hand Etched Finish – part of the popular Southwold Collection, these supports are hand etched after being hot-dipped in zinc which provides protection against rust. This attractive finish complements our Southwold Furniture and improves as the product ages.