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Garden & Greenhouse Watering

Our garden and greenhouse watering equipment includes water butts, automatic irrigation and self watering ideas for efficient plant watering.

Watering plants is a part of greenhouse and garden life and can be very time consuming, especially if you have a large or densely planted plot or garden. It’s also possible to cause more problems by slap dash garden watering and armed with our in-depth range of watering equipment for both the garden and greenhouse, we hope to help you avoid this.

We have water butts for water storage, quality hosepipes to deliver the water where it’s most required and ground level soaker hose and drip irrigation kits to reach the most watering can-unfriendly (we’ve got them them too!) areas in the middle of beds and borders and deliver where it’s most required – to the soil.

Greenhouse plants are catered for too with holiday watering kits, specially designed growbag watering systems and plenty of other watering devices to let you relax – the only thing we can’t provide is the rain!