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Bird Feeding

There are a lot of benefits of feeding birds in your garden, not just helping the birds but also helping gardeners.

Pest Control

Birds are a natural predator of a lot of bugs that can be causing damage to your plants and crops. Encouraging birds into your garden will encourage them to look for other live food sources such as insects and bugs helping keeping them under control. 

Weed Control

Many birds feed on weeds and can be a great help to gardeners, by attracting more birds to the garden they can help do some of the weeding work for you!

Helping Birds During Nesting 

Having a regular source of food close to their nests, provides a safe space for birds to collect food for their young.


Providing a food source during winter is important for wild birds. With less food sources available, giving them a safe space to feed is really beneficial during the colder months.  

Health Benefits

It is lovely to see colourful birds in the garden and hearing birdsong, and it can be a great tonic for gardeners too! Attracting birds to the garden can have big impact on your mental health, with lots of evidence showing that spending time in nature is great for health and wellbeing. 

Our Range

We have designed stylish and practical bird feeding stations for the garden. These are designed and made by us in the UK, and will be a beautiful and attractive addition to your garden.

We have carefully selected our range of feeders to offer effective feeding solutions for birds in your garden.