Garden & Plant Netting

Garden and Plant Netting is a must for grow your own gardeners, our garden netting will protect your fruit and vegetables from birds, butterflies and insects.

Garden netting and protection is one of our specialist areas and as netting manufacturers for over 60 years and keen gardeners for slightly less, we know only too well the importance of good quality, reliable garden netting and plant protection material.

You'll find our range carries anti bird netting, small mesh butterfly netting to keep brassicas in one piece and two grades of almost impenetrable insect mesh netting. Ponds get a look in too with our stong pond netting and not forgetting our very popular garden fleece and polythene to help you sow earlier and harvest later.

We're flexible too as we supply garden netting by the linear metre as well as saving you money with our popular Extra Value Saver Packs!

Finally, don't forget to take a look at our Guide to Garden Netting video. It takes you through all the different types of netting we supply and where you would use them, making your decision on what to buy much easier!

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Netting, Mesh & Fleece Special Offer Packs

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Bird Netting & Fruit Cage Netting

Bird Netting & Fruit Cage Netting Our high quality Bird Netting and Fruit Cage Netting will protect your fruit and vegetables from aerial raids and will also stop ground attacks from larger animals. 

The strong, reusable ...Read More
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Butterfly Netting

Butterfly Netting Butterfly netting is a must for both the serious gardener and the 'grown your own' novice alike as although butterflies are not all bad news - they feed on nectar and pollinate flowers - their caterpillars can do extraordinary damage to your ...Read More View Product Listings

Insect Mesh Netting

Insect Mesh Netting Insect mesh protection netting forms an impenetrable barrier to those garden pests and insects who are small in stature but cause severe damage to vegetables and fruit on a large scale.

Our insect mesh netting is available in our standard ...Read More
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Garden Fleece & Plant Jackets

Garden Fleece & Plant Jackets Our insulating garden fleece and plant jackets will protect your vulnerable seedlings, young vegetable and herb plants and valuable pot plants from harsh winter weather. Our extensive range includes quality non-tear 30gsm garden fleece, ...Read More View Product Listings

Ground Cover & Weed Control

Ground Cover & Weed Control Ground cover and weed control fabrics are ideal for all your landscaping projects and planting schemes - they're essential for garden make-overs of all sizes.

The porous ground cover is easy to plant through and will also ...Read More
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Windbreak & Shade Netting

Windbreak & Shade Netting When you are growing your own fruit and vegetables, it is not just the all too common garden pests than can decimate your crops, extreme weather can also be a culprit. Strong gusts of wind and scorching mid summer rays can leave your crops looking ...Read More View Product Listings

Pea & Bean Netting

Pea & Bean Netting Our Pea and Bean netting offers essential support for climbing vegetables such as runner beans and can also help support other ornamental climbers.

This inconspicuous netting, available by the metre or in a 20m saver pack, can be easily ...Read More
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Rabbit, Deer & Fox Netting

Rabbit, Deer & Fox Netting Our range of rabbit wire, deer netting and fox protection netting clearly recognises the fact that fruit and vegetable crops - and ornamental plants as well - are coveted by larger garden pests such as the above suspects and badgers, squirrels and ...Read More View Product Listings

Pond Protection Netting

Pond Protection Netting Our pond netting includes quality mesh pond nets to prevent all but the smallest leaves from falling into your fish pond or water feature; heavy duty examples to prevent hungry herons from depleting your valuable fish stocks and frog friendly sized ...Read More View Product Listings

Wire Netting & Wire Mesh

Wire Netting & Wire Mesh

Strong garden wire netting and wire mesh offers great protection for your garden plants, stopping rodent and rabbit damage and also great deterrant for larger animals and pets such as foxes and deer. 

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Netting Accessories

Netting Accessories The netting accessories we've gathered together consist mainly of those gardening essentials such as ground pegs, net clips, net ties, and various other fixings you'll need to secure your garden netting in place.

After all, ...Read More
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