Garden Arches & Structures

Harrod Horticultural has designed a range of award-winning and largely RHS endorsed garden arches; in a collection that features statement pieces for the small loved garden, or inspired central features for an exceptionally large garden or estates.  All our arches, pergolas, gazebos, screens, fences and gates are all manufactured at the workshops in Suffolk to a peerless quality standard whose elegance and functionality make a compelling combination, especially when swathed in well chosen plants like rambling roses, jasmine or wisteria.

Arches are a versatile addition to any outdoor space. Not only do they provide support for climbing plants, they create a striking entryway, can simply help to frame a view  or can be the perfect way to delineate distinctive areas.  Available in a wide range of interesting shapes such as the popular Roman, the wider curved Ellipse, the stunning Moon Gate plus many others and there is also a selection of standard size options. Harrod Horticultural also offers a made to measure service that enables any design to be tailored to your outdoor space.

Pergola walkthrough designs are available in the same shape as the arches, and in many sizes. They are a magnificent focal point in any garden or grounds whose sequence of uprights throughout are connected by bars to create a botanic walkway. 

These walkways looks majestic when displayed with a beautiful array of fragrant climbing flowers, foliage for dappled shade in the summer and are substantial enough to train apple trees or laburnum, etc.    

Create a timeless outdoor living area with Harrod Horticultural pergola designs that include a retractable awning for sun shade and shower protection or a wire roof to create a fragrant living canopy with climbers and ramblers.  Together with a furniture set, they make for a stunning backdrop that will enhance rather than dominate the natural beauty of your outdoor space, the perfect centrepiece for small or larger gatherings.   There is also other gazebo and arbour designs to discover, all create stylish and beautiful focal points.  

Screens are perfect for enclosing whilst creating an attractive focal point.  The Harrod Horticultural designs are ideal for supporting climbing plants and are a much more durable alternative to wooden screens and trellis.  Many designs are based on our popular Roman and Ellipse arch shapes.

Inspired by traditional estate and parkland fencing, Harrod Horticultural have designed the ideal solutions for securing boundaries, dividing areas, driveways and entrances.  They can be used in combination with matching gates too….   There are popular low boundary and chain link fencing designs too, ideal for protecting grass verges and separating areas.  

All of our garden arches, pergolas, gazebos, arbours, screens and fencing use 65+ years’ experience of British engineering excellence.  Established and advanced new techniques deliver the highest expectation of quality and performance.  Each piece is made using carefully selected long lasting materials (steel or aluminium) whether it is the framework itself or the fixings, and is why many of the products carry a lengthy guarantee.  Market leading finishes include our in house powder coating plant that produce the very best weather proof finish; and our new hand etched finish for the most wonderful, timeless antique patina.