Fruit Cages

Fruit cages designed and manufactured in the UK

Superior quality in galvanised steel, non-rusting aluminium and sturdy timber.


Our market leading fruit and vegetable cages are available in a range of sizes to suit all gardens; designed to protect your precious plants from birds and animals.

Over 60 years experience in the manufacture of high quality fruit & vegetable cages

From our top of the range steel and walk-in aluminium cages to our practical slot & lock vegetable cages, you will find the perfect crop protection solution for your garden within our comprehensive fruit and vegetable range.

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Steel Fruit Cages

Steel Fruit Cages Steel Fruit Cages offer a complete metal fruit cage protection package for the grow your own fruit and vegetable gardener - with a combination of heavy-duty steel cage framework, high quality 16mm square mesh fruit cage ...Read More View Product Listings

Aluminium Fruit Cages

Aluminium Fruit Cages Aluminium Fruit Cages are the most cost effective fruit cage for crop protection - with a natural non-rusting finish, supplied with heavy duty fruit cage side netting, high quality anti-bird fruit cage roof netting and secured with ...Read More View Product Listings

Timber Fruit Cages

Timber Fruit Cages Timber Fruit Cages and vegetable cages have a rugged and natural look as we appreciate that some more traditional fruit and vegetable growing gardens need a cage of more rustic, kitchen garden appearance.

What ...Read More
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Vegetable Cages

Vegetable Cages Vegetable Cages are a great way of protecting your plants from pest attack and with our extensive range you are sure to find a cage that is ideal for your vegetable plot this season. Designed using our award winning Harrod Slot ...Read More View Product Listings

Strawberry Cages

Strawberry Cages Strawberry Cages offer great protection for your strawberries, making sure it will be you, not the birds, eating them this year! The cages use strong aluminium tubing and our Harrod Slot & Lock® connectors to create a strong ...Read More View Product Listings

Build Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Cages

Build Your Own Fruit & Vegetable Cages Our build your own fruit and vegetable cages are designed for grow your own gardeners who want a flexible fruit and vegetable crop protection system that comes in on budget. The wide range of components mean you can tailor your cage to perfectly fit ...Read More View Product Listings
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