Garden Planters

Our range of garden planters and containers includes our popular Wooden Trough Planters perfect for growing your own vegetables, salads and herbs even if space is at a premium. With these attractive and practical raised planters you can now create your own organic vegetable garden on the patio or balcony.

Along with our Wooden Manger Trough Planters we have stunning zinc planters perfect for specimen trees and plants along with practical tomato planters, herb planters, wall planters and lots more.

There are so many advantages to container gardening; watering, fertilising and access are made easier, whilst there will be fewer pests, diseases and weeds to worry about too. As for the choice of what to grow - well, take your pick from tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuces and beans and even potatoes to name but a few.

So find a sunny spot, create a mix of plants for the huge variety of garden planters and containers we've got available and you’ll be on your way to achieving a great look and taste that lasts all season long!

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Wooden Planters

Wooden Planters Our range of wooden planters, all designed and manufactured by us in the UK, provide the perfect solution to growing your own on the patio or any hardstanding area, we even have planter solutions if space is limited.

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Vegetable & Tomato Planters

Vegetable & Tomato Planters Our extensive range of tomato and vegetable planters is bound to have the solution for any gardener wanting to grow more on the patio or if space is limited.

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Herb Planters

Herb Planters A herb planter within leaf-plucking reach of the kitchen window or back door has the capabilities to revolutionise your cooking - just think of all those dishes garnished by full-of-flavour, just-picked herb leaves!

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Decorative Planters & Pots

Decorative Planters & Pots Our carefully selected range of Decorative Planters and Pots are ideal to create a stunning display of colour on the patio, deck or anywhere around the garden.

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Growbag Growing

Growbag Growing Growbag growing is where many gardeners start out and if you have only got a patio, balcony, roof garden or terrace to grow your own fruit and vegetables, then it might be where you finish too - but that's really not a problem with the ...Read More View Product Listings

Vertical & Wall Planters

Vertical & Wall Planters Vertical planters and wall planters are becoming an increasingly popular way to grow your own herbs, salads, even vegetables, making it possible to grow on any spare wall or fence when space is limited.  

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Wooden Manger Trough Planters

Wooden Manger Trough Planters Our extensive range of manger style Wooden Trough Planters is the perfect solution for growing your own on the patio, decking or just where space is a premium. 

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