Bird Netting & Fruit Cage Netting

Our high-quality Bird Netting and Fruit Cage Netting will protect your fruit and vegetables from aerial raids by birds and also stop ground attacks from larger animals. There is nothing more upsetting than discovering your tasty strawberries or raspberries or other such delights have been devoured by garden pests.

Garden netting is one of our specialist areas and as netting manufacturers for over 65 years and keen gardeners for slightly less, we know only too well the importance of good quality, reliable bird netting.

Choosing the right netting can be confusing with so many types of netting on the market.  Whether it is bird netting to protect strawberries, fleece to protect tender plants or support netting for climbing beans.  Soft or Rigid Netting – decide where the netting is being used. If it is to be draped over supports or laid directly onto plants you will need soft netting, for the sides of fruit cages, fencing or to support climbing plants look for a rigid netting.

Anti-bird Netting

The strong, reusable soft anti-bird netting has a 20mm x 20mm diamond mesh and is a UV stabilised black polyethylene netting. It is the same high-quality netting as used on all Harrod Fruit Cages, capable of repelling the smallest of birds without trapping them in the net. Available in 4 width options - 4m, 6, 8m & 12m which can be cut to size or purchased in one of our Extra Value Netting Saver Packs. 

Extra Heavy-Duty Bird Netting

Our Extra Heavy-Duty Bird Netting is made from extruded black polypropylene to create a rigid plastic net with a 16mm x 16mm square mesh, and is also used as standard side netting on all our manufactured Fruit Cages.

This strong netting is an ideal deterrent to birds, rabbits and other similar pests, but still has a large enough mesh to allow invaluable pollinating insects to pass through.

Extra Heavy Duty Knotted Netting

Extra Heavy-duty Knotted Netting is widely regarded as our strongest netting, made from high quality polyethylene, this premium quality heat-sealed knotted net has a 19mm mesh and provides unrivalled crop protection.

Ideal as crop protection netting on fruit and vegetable cages. This strong, durable netting can be used as pond netting to protect against herons, stop leaves falling into the pond and perfect for supporting climbing plants.

Extra Heavy-Duty Pigeon Netting

The Extra Heavy-duty Pigeon Netting is a superior quality, high density polyethylene knotted netting with 8cm mesh designed to stop wood pigeons and similar sized birds feasting on your crops and plants. For protection against smaller birds please consider using a finer mesh netting. 

Available by the full square metre or again in our extra value saver packs.

All Harrod Horticultural netting is quality assured and free samples are available on request. Why not compare us with other suppliers, we are confident in the quality of our netting and value for money we offer.

For free samples of all netting - please e-mail our Customer Services Team or telephone 0333 400 6400 (local rate). 


Reasons To Buy
  • High quality, long lasting bird netting
  • Great value saver packs & cut to size
  • Premium crop protection
  • Ideal netting for fruit and vegetable cages
  • Free samples available on request
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK