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We have now launched the Harrod Superior Greenhouse design. It’s elegant and strong; ideal for the keen gardener. It’s full of features like; built in roof blinds; and lots of air vents. This will form the best growing environment of any greenhouse available today.

Discover the NEW Harrod Elegance Glasshouse too; it features an octagonal design. It fuses the practical; and space efficient needs of a greenhouse. It is very functional and looks impressive too with its sleek lines.

You can tailor your greenhouse to your needs with a choice staging. There are different sized options; all are freestanding and made from aluminium. There are single; two; and three-tiered staging models available. There are also six different lengths and five different depths.  There is also shelving and integral staging to choose from, too.

Are you in need of greenhouse maintenance, too?  We've also got lots of those hard to find essentials to ensure your greenhouse is in tip top condition.

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Greenhouses We have just launched the Harrod Superior Greenhouses, a design that is elegant, strong and full of features such as integral roof blinds and vast amounts of ventilation to provide the best growing environment of any greenhouse available ...Read More View Product Listings


Propagators A propagator will revolutionise your seed sowing activities by dramatically improving seed germination as a propagator provides ideal warm and humid conditions - and our extensive range is sure to have the ideal propagator whatever size or ...Read More View Product Listings

Greenhouse Staging & Benches

Greenhouse Staging & Benches Our Greenhouse Staging, benching and racking is designed and manufactured by us in the UK from aluminium and the result is a top of the range, maintenance free set of greenhouse equipment - and whatever option you decide upon, it ...Read More View Product Listings


Polytunnels A polytunnel is a cost effective alternative or a great addition to a greenhouse, creating a warm covered plot to extend your growing season enormously and increase the number of different crops that you can grow.

These high quality ...Read More
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Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse Shelving Our durable greenhouse shelving allows you to create valuable extra space inside your greenhouse without clogging up your floor space or growing areas.

Supplied in sets of two shelves and complete with all the brackets and cropped bolts ...Read More
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Greenhouse Heaters

Greenhouse Heaters Installing a greenhouse heater from our wide range maximises the potential of your greenhouse and we are confident our extensive range of greenhouse heaters will cater for structures and budgets of all sizes. Efficient greenhouse heaters are well ...Read More View Product Listings

Greenhouse Bubble Wrap Insulation

Greenhouse Bubble Wrap Insulation Our strong, reuseable and UV stabilised bubble wrap is ideal for insulating the greenhouse and can save 50% on greenhouse heating costs. Our greenhouse bubble wrap is not to be mistaken for thinner packing bubble wrap - our bubbles are bigger, ...Read More View Product Listings

Greenhouse Vents

Greenhouse Vents Greenhouse vents are one of the most important aspects of greenhouse growing and it's easy for us gardeners to neglect plants in the summer - but the heat can do just as much damage as the cold in winter.

Our selection of ...Read More
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Greenhouse Shade Netting

Greenhouse Shade Netting Greenhouse Shade Netting offers a great solution to protect tender plants and seedlings from the suns potentially harmful mid summer scorching rays. 

Although crucial for a plants success, the intensity of the sun within the ...Read More
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Grow Lights

Grow Lights Our plant grow lights allow you to overcome one of the biggest hurdles in plant propagation and early/late season growth - a lack of quality daylight.

One of our simple to install grow light kits will provide your plants with ...Read More
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Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse Accessories The Greenhouse is the hub of any successful kitchen or ornamental garden, so it's essential to keep it up and running. We have put together a range of useful Greenhouse Accessories to keep your greenhouse in full working order and getting ...Read More View Product Listings
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