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Greenhouses & Equipment

The Harrod Superior Greenhouse design is elegant, strong and ideal for any keen gardener. It is full of features like such as integral roof blinds and vast amounts of ventilation to provide the best growing environment of any greenhouse available today. 

Greenhouses can be fully customised internally with a range of optional integral and freestanding staging, as well as shelves too. 

  • The high-quality freestanding staging has superior strength, using a high content of aluminium in the separate framework and removable top trays that are made from stainless steel and folded over to increase their rigidity.
  • The strong Aluminium Integral Staging is designed to be used with Harrod Greenhouses only and is powder coated to compliment your Greenhouse. Available in both Low Level and Eye Level heights designed to fit one above the other.

Our selection of automatic greenhouse vents, all manufactured in the UK, and louvre window openers help combat the heat of the sun, stop plants drying out and wilting and avoid the humid conditions that many common plant diseases thrive in.

If you want to give your plants the best possible and dramatically improving seed germination look no further than our range of Propagators. 

  • The Ultimate Vitopod Heated Propagator with 2 lights will give your seeds the best possible start and produce fast, healthy, reliable growth without legginess. 
  • The dual purpose Geopod Heated Propagator extends the daylight whilst propagating simultaneously with two lights that sit within the lid and emit a spectrum of light that guarantees lush green growth.

An efficient Greenhouse Heater is well worth the investment, helping to maintain the optimum greenhouse temperature to make sure you get great harvests.

  • The powerful Stainless-Steel Phoenix 2.8kW Fan Heater is more than capable of heating most garden greenhouses and can be mounted in the ceiling or on the floor and has a long list of features.
  • The Palma Electric Heater from Bio Green is a superb heater with an air circulation rate of 156m3 per hr and 2kW output - stats usually associated with much larger heaters.
  • The smaller Electric Fan Heater with 1- or 2-kW Heat Settings is thermostatically controlled, has a frost stat setting and can also be used as a summer ventilator.

We also have a wider range of accessories to help you get the most out of your greenhouse:

  • Re-usable Rootrainers provide the best growing system for seeds, plugs and cuttings without any root disturbance when transplanting.
  • For storing and organising all sizes of seed packets we have some stylish seed storage tins to keep your seeds in tip top condition
  • To protect plants from high summer heat, shade netting in a range of sizes and extra value packs.
  • The Big Drippa is a simple drip feed water system which is easy to install and will give your plants up to 24 hours of slow and efficient watering. 
  • Bubble Insulation an essential for winter months if you want to keep your greenhouse frost-free.