Poultry Cages & Netting

Chicken cages and poultry cages available in steel and aluminium, made using our 60 years experience, along with heavy duty chicken netting and chicken wire to keep chickens safe.

Based on our best selling fruit cages our chicken and poultry cages form a large part of our range these days, reflecting the growing popularity of keeping your own chickens to supplement grow your own vegetable activities - and our cages help to ensure your chickens stay safe in style.

Using the expertise gleaned from more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, our steel and aluminium walk-in poultry cages are made from the same high specification materials as their fruit and vegetable protecting counterparts, giving you and your brood the reassurance of a 10 year structural guarantee.

And we've got plenty of fox-defying netting to fortify your cage if necessary including the electro-welded chicken wire netting, a beast of a mesh which takes no nonsense from foxes and other chicken predators.

With timber cages and plenty of other netting options on offer, your chickens can lay their eggs in stress-free bliss!