Vegetable Support Frames

The Many Advantages of Vertical Growing

There are so many reasons to grow vegetables vertically and provide them with valuable support.   For a start you can grow more food in less space – growing up rather than out.  Trellising vegetables also reduces insect damage and the spread of diseases because of the improved air circulation around the plants; whilst by keeping foliage off the ground prevents soil-borne diseases that can otherwise quickly spread.  

They are especially helpful in wind or storm prone areas. Even if you don’t live in a windy location, tall, top-heavy or fruit laden vegetables benefit from sturdy supports. A sturdy structure can help prevent plants from breaking or falling over due to windy conditions or heavy, overloaded branches. Broken or damaged stems are entryways for pests and disease. Proper supports also help keep fruits off the ground, where they can become damaged, rot or fall victim to insects.  

Harvesting is easy too, no need to bend over to harvest beans and cucumbers for example, plus it’s far easier to spot the pea pods, snap beans, and cucumber fruits when the plants are growing vertically.  

A final point is that vegetable support frames such as an A-Frame support or obelisk allows you to add an ornamental element to your food garden, deck, or patio.

A Great Selection

We have developed a range of vegetable support frames for supporting beans, peas, squash and other climbers – all reassuringly UK designed and manufactured.  They include our popular Pea & Bean Columns, Bean Frames, Squash Frames and traditional A-Frame climbing trellis that is perfect for squash and cucumbers.  All of our support frames have been carefully designed to offer maximum support to plants to encourage healthy growth and bigger harvests.  

Detailed Designs

A great deal of thought has gone into our designs, using high quality materials that come with long guarantees.  The strength of the frames are assured by using strong, corrosion resistant metal uprights and vertical bars that in turn are robustly secured by durable, long lasting connectors.  This includes the use of sustainable materials such as 16mm diameter aluminium tubing, 10mm solid steel rod and 25mm box section steel.  The connectors themselves are tough and long lasting, such as our exclusive and award winning ‘slot and lock’ system that effortlessly lock the connector to the framework to keep the frame rigid at all times and in all weathers.  They make assembly and disassembly extremely quick.  The final important ingredient is the netting that trellises the frames.  We’ve selected premium 80mm knotted mesh netting that improves air circulation, allows a hand through for harvesting and is strong enough for plants to be torn off at the end of the season.

Reasons To Buy
  • Award Winning Slot & Lock Frames
  • Range of Supports Ideal for Beans, Peas, Squash & Other Climbers
  • Practical & Stylish Support Frames
  • High Quality, Long Lasting Materials
  • Designed to Encourage Plant Growth & Increase Harvests
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK