Garden Maintenance

The garden requires constant maintenance throughout the year, whether it's pruning a hedge, taking cuttings or collecting leaves we have selected a range of tools and equipment to hopefully make these jobs just that little bit easier. 

A good set of secateurs and loppers are a must for every keen gardener. We have carefully selected our range from some great manufacturers like Felco, Niwaki, Jakoti and Burgon & Ball to give you high quality cutting tools that are a joy to use. From small pruning jobs to larger hedge trimming and tidying we have the perfect tool for the job. 

Topiary remains very popular and it's easy to see why as carefully shaped and trimmed bushes and hedges can really make a focal point in the garden. We have a range of topiary shears to make the most of your box hedging and bushes. These superb tools from renowned manufacturers make topiary trimming a breeze. 

When it comes to general tidying around the garden such as clearing leaves, removing weeds from paths and cleaning decking, there is a range of garden maintenance equipment designed to make these chores less arduous. From leaf grabbers which make light work of the autumnal leaf collections to weed burners to easily destroy weeds in paths and driveways, we have chosen this range to make it all those jobs that bit easier.

Some other essentials in the garden like wheelbarrows and ladders are also covered in our garden maintenance range. Our Niwaki ladders have a clever tripod design which make them ideal for lots of gardening jobs and the wheelbarrows are tough and strong perfect for moving garden trimmings and waste.

Whether it's a big or small gardening job, having the right tools and equipment really does make it easier, so browse our range of useful, practical and high-quality garden maintenance equipment and speed through those gardening chores this year!