Cloches & Cold Frames

Cloches and cold frames, plant protection covers and cloche tunnels to protect young seedlings and established plants with a frost free environment.

Effective garden protection sometimes calls for more than netting - especially when the weather is involved - so we're rolling out the artillery in the form of cloches, cold frames and protection covers, along with rock solid hoops to hold them clear of plants.

Cloches are perfect for protecting individual plants or longer rows of vegetable seedlings and careful use of these structures - and we've got plenty to choose from - can give you a much longer growing season.

Harden off seedlings and give established pot plants a frost-free home for winter with our deluxe cold frame and whilst we're of the subject of weather protection, it would be rude not to mention our gardener-friendly protection covers, complete with hoops.

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Popadome Crop Covers

Popadome Crop Covers We are proud to supply the innovative Popadome - The All In One Fruit & Vegetable Net Protection System. These award winning crop protection covers are an easy way to protect your fruit and vegetables from garden pests. Available in a range ...Read More Popadome Crop Covers


Polytunnels A polytunnel is a cost effective alternative or a great addition to a greenhouse, creating a warm covered plot to extend your growing season enormously and increase the number of different crops that you can grow.

These high quality ...Read More

Plant Cloches

Plant Cloches Cloches are perfect for giving individual plants their own weather-proof home throughout winter and early on in the year along with extending the growing season, raising seedlings, warming winter soil prior to planting and 'hardening off' ...Read More Plant Cloches

Cloche Tunnels

Cloche Tunnels Cloche tunnels are real garden workhorses, being rolled out year after year to firstly warm the soil prior to planting, then protect rows of vulnerable young seedlings and finally keep summer sun-loving crops toasty before the weather takes ...Read More Cloche Tunnels

Cold Frames

Cold Frames Coldframes are a popular addition to any garden, ideal for overwintering plants, hardening off bedding and tender plants, raising seedlings and also coping with greenhouse overspill.

With high quality aluminium coldframes from Access ...Read More
Cold Frames

Hoops & Plant Covers

Hoops & Plant Covers Hoops and plant covers form a pest and weather-busting double act which keeps your plants protected with the minimum of fuss. Grappling with reluctant netting will be a thing of the past with our fitted covers, held safely above the growing ...Read More Hoops & Plant Covers
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