Pond Protection

Our range of pond protection equipment and products has been carefully selected to help you protect your pond from potential predators and prevent unwanted debris getting into your garden pond. 

Keeping leaves and other plant debris out of your pond has long challenged gardeners and fish enthusiasts but our Pond Covers provide the perfect solution. 

Designed and manufactured by us in the UK our exclusive pond covers are available in aluminium or heavy duty galvanised black powder coated steel for complete pond protection. Available in either flat or raised versions and a range of sizes to suit any garden pond.

The steel Pond Covers are available in flat and raised versions. Combines the strength of black, 25mm/1" square x 1.5mm thick galvanised steel with the protective qualities of our 19mm mesh knotted netting. 

The lightweight and durable, Slot and Lock® aluminium flat Pond Covers are an easy way to protect your pond from herons and falling leaves. These high-quality, entry level covers are made from 16mm diameter, anti-corrosion, black powder coated aluminium tubing and 16mm extruded polyethylene mesh netting.

EM Mud Balls are a unique mix of Bokashi wheat bran, clay, EM microbes and EM ceramic powder are fused together. Mud Balls which promote sludge-eating microbial activity, leaving you with a naturally clean and bright pond.

Aquaplancton pond clearing treatment reactivates beneficial bacteria which will then multiply and consume the mud. Starving algae and blanketweed of nutrition, causing them to die out naturally. 

So, with pond covers, netting and more we are sure to have the solution you have been looking for to protect your pond.