Garden Plant Stakes

Staking plants gives them extra support and helps the plant continue to push skyward and not collapse or flop under the weight of their flowers or fruit. Perennials in borders often put on strong lush growth quickly that makes them vulnerable to collapse, especially after heavy rain or strong winds. Staking them early in the season will help avoid disaster. In particular tall plants and hybrids with large flowers will require additional plant stake support.

UK Design & Manufacture 

Our range of plant stakes are designed and manufactured by us in the UK and includes the best-selling Link Stakes and Y-Stakes. Designed to last, these plant stakes are made with strong, solid steel rod either powder coated for a weatherproof finish or left as plain steel to develop a natural rust finish patina.

We have regularly added to our range of plant stakes with lots of new designs to offer a comprehensive collection to suit any garden and plant type. The stakes include link stakes, with both straight and curved arms, border restraints, Y-stakes, releasable plant support, grow through support, spiral supports, single stem stakes, shrub support and steel plant stakes. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, these garden stakes provide great support for your plants throughout the year and subtly blend into the garden.

Plant Stakes Range

Link Stakes Plant Supports are the most effective, versatile and discreet way to support plants throughout the garden. They can be placed in the border before or after plants have grown and can be easily adjusted at any time during the growing season and offer discreet support to all types of ornamental plants, flowers and vegetables.

Border restraints are ideal for use in beds and borders to control bushes and plants and stop them spilling over pathways. Unobtrusive and portable and being quite 'springy', they can be widened or contracted to suit and are easy to adjust as your needs change throughout the growing season. Perfect for plants such as Anemones, Crocosmia and Rudbeckia. 

Y-Stakes are a really versatile support with a strong stake and 2 solid wire retaining wire arms which can be shaped to embrace any plant shape. They can be linked to support multiple plants and can even form a circle. 

The 5-ring grow through supports are available in 3 heights. The 40cm H support is perfect for shrubby flowers like taller zinnias, salvia, daisies and poppies. The 60cm and 75cm H ring support holds larger plants like mature peonies and rudbeckia.

The Spiral Plant Support is perfect in garden borders and containers, simply stake into the ground and the spiral section can be twisted around your plant to offer protection and support. Ideal for Asters, Lupins, Cornflowers and smaller Peonies.

Releasable Plant Supports capture multiple stems of plants such as lupin, gladioli and alliums that are grown in groups and provide reliable support stopping the stems from getting damaged. A practical plant stakes that feature a quick release hook so that they can quickly be installed any time of the season and just as easily be without damaging the plants.

Browse our comprehensive range of high-quality plant stakes and plant supports and there is bound to be the ideal solution to support the flowers and shrubs in your garden borders this year.