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Pond Covers

Our pond covers range has been carefully designed to provide stylish, yet practical protection for garden ponds from both un-wanted predators and falling leaves. 

Garden Ponds are attractive to Herons because they often provide them with very easy fishing. Some form of pond protection is vital if you have fish in your pond and you would prefer not to receive these un-wanted visitors. 

Falling leaves are also bad news for your fish as they will upset the nutrient balance of your pond.  The debris, will form sludge at the bottom of your pond as it becomes water logged and sinks. One of the main causes of a smelly pond come spring is pond debris; when the water starts to warm up and the oxygen content has been low over winter.

Designed and manufactured by us in the UK our exclusive pond covers are available in heavy duty galvanised black powder coated steel or lightweight aluminium and come complete with heavy duty black netting.

Heavy-duty galvanised steel pond covers are manufactured from 25mm/1" square x 1.5mm thick, galvanised and black polyester powder coated steel. Covered with high quality polyethylene 19mm square mesh black knotted net to minimize visibility and come with a 10-year guarantee. Available in raised and flat versions. There is also a DIY option using the same strong steel bars and durable connectors to enable you to create your own tailor-made pond protection system. 

The slot and lock aluminium pond covers are a good choice for a more cost-effective solution. Lightweight for easy access and durable and made from strong 25mm diameter aluminium tubing. These pond covers come with a 16mm extruded black polyethylene mesh netting and will keep your fish happy and the heron’s glum for many years to come. Also available in raised and flat versions.

Please note that Harrod Horticultural Pond Covers are not designed or guaranteed to prevent children and pets from falling into ponds.