Product Videos

Product Videos

We’re rightly proud of our product videos as they’re the next best thing to actually seeing Harrod Horticultural products in the flesh at one of the Show Gardens. Each quality film has been carefully scripted and professionally shot to provide the maximum information in as short a time as possible; we know how busy gardeners are!


Latest Product Videos

Superior Wooden Raised Beds

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The Superior Wooden Raised Bed Kits with super thick planks, decorative corner posts and robust aluminium fixing brackets are very much the flagship of our extensive wooden raised bed range

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Raised Bed Tables

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We've raised our much sought-after wooden raised bed range up a level - quite literally! - with the introduction of our back-saving Standard Wooden Raised Bed Tables

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Compost tumblers can help turn what is traditionally a ten-plus month practice into a 14 day fast-track composting process, spelling an end to back-breaking days turning over a compost heap at the same time.

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Mesh Vented PVC Cover

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Our Fitted Hoops and Mesh Vented PVC Covers can help you turn your raised beds into an efficient mini-greenhouse to prolong the growing season and protect your crops from pest attack.

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Standard Wooden Raised Beds

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Standard Wooden Raised Beds, voted 'Which Best Buy' in December 2010, are the mid-range design of our raised bed selection and these wooden raised beds blend quality workmanship, design, value for money and performance

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