Lawn Care

Our range of lawn care equipment including edging, lawn maintenance tools and even quality turf has all you will need for a great looking lawn. 

Your poor old lawn has a hard life; scorched by the sun, worn out and compacted through heavy use in the summer and waterlogged and frozen in the winter. And still expected to look its best at all times! It's certainly time to spare a thought for it.

Grass is certainly resilient, but a bit of TLC would not go amiss – and now is the time to administer help! We know just how much impact a beautiful green lawn has in the garden, and that’s exactly why our range of lawncare products is steadily growing.

We’ve plenty of specialist lawn care tools on hand for moss removal and clearing up, shears and edgers for that finishing touch and even top of the range Rolawn turf for those times you just can't breathe new life into the grass – so show your lawn some love!