Waterbutts & Accessories

Water Butts are essential items for gardeners as plants grow so much better when watered with rainwater – not to mention this valuable resource is free – so plumbing in a water butt also makes total economic and environmental sense.

Set up the water butt to collect rainwater from a greenhouse roof, shed roof or even from the house guttering. It will be a great alternative to using a hosepipe, especially with summer hosepipe bans becoming more and more frequent. 

Our range of waterbutts includes both galvanised steel butts and polyethylene butts. The galvanised steel is etched to give a unique antique patina. These practical waterbutts are a stylish alternative to plastic waterbutts and will be an attractive addition to the garden. 

The Polyethylene waterbutts are all manufactured in the UK using robust polyethylene and come in a sandstone or granite colour. Avaialble in a rang of sizes and shapes to suit you outside space there is even a wall mounted version and a corner waterbutt. 

There are also useful soaker hose and garden watering kits, really useful bits of kit to effectively water your garden and prevent wastage.

Reasons To Buy
  • High Quality Waterbutts & Accessories
  • Recycle Rainwater To Water Your Plants
  • Metal & Plastic Waterbutts
  • Practical Designs To Suit Any Outside Space
  • Useful Watering Accessories
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK