Waterbutts & Accessories

Our top quality Galvanised Steel Water Butt is a design influenced by the 18th century lead cisterns and still to be found in the gardens of many grand houses around the country today. Whereas the attractive 245 litre Cascata rain water butt with built in planter combines traditional terracotta styling with the durability of modern plastics.

We have some handy accessories too – including a rain trap, filter and diverter along with the Rinsekit Portable Watering System which is perfect for watering hanging baskets, cleaning your car, or even your dog!

Water Butts are essential items for gardeners as plants grow so much better when watered with rainwater – not to mention this valuable resource is free – so plumbing in a water butt also makes total economic and environmental sense.

Reasons To Buy
  • High Quality Waterbutts & Accessories
  • Galvanised Waterbutts - UK Made by Artisan Metal Craftsmen
  • Utilise Rainwater To Water Your Plants
  • Best Selling Click & Drip Irrigation Kit
  • Useful Watering Accessories
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK