We’re delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Hoveton Hall Gardens to sponsor their new Kitchen Garden!

We have had an ongoing relationship with Hoveton Hall for years however, their latest venture meant that we were able to collaborate on something very special.

Originally, a Victorian Kitchen Garden, this one acre walled garden has been redeveloped over the years to include lawns and herbaceous borders whilst still producing fruit for the Hall. The Knot Garden was planted in 1998, separated from the rest of the garden by a yew hedge with a central laburnum arch. The new addition to the Kitchen Garden can be found towards the rear on The Old Kitchen Garden, just to the side of the Spider Garden which is home to the idyllic Spider Garden Cottage.

Hoveton Cottage April Hoveton Hedges Arpil 

In the kitchen garden you’ll be able to find a vast range of our products. Towards the left of the plot, you can find a Walk-In Peak Roof Steel Fruit Cage which houses three large Superior Wooden Raised Beds and Espalier Frames sat in them for rambling plants. In time, this showstopping fruit cage will be will be thriving with bountiful harvest. 

Hoveton Wide Show April

The focal point of the middle plot is dedicated to one of our popular Roman Arches with two Southwold Pyramid Obelisks symmetrically placed in anthracite grey Superior Metal Raised Beds either side. This arch will be used to grow grapes and will become a shaded walkway through to the Southwold 3-Seater Bench strategically placed directly behind it. The Obelisks will be used to climb beautiful Sweet Peas. To one side of the arch, you can find a Step Over Support and to the other side of the arch, you can find a Harrod Espalier Frame and Stuart, Head Gardener at Hoveton Hall will soon be deciding what is planted here!  

 Hoveton Bench, trumpet and trellis april  Hoveton Wire Obelisk April

Along the rear wall you’ll find a selection of our Southwold Collection products such as Decorative Wall Trellis, Trumpet Peony Plant Supports, Wire Obelisk and the show stopping three-seater Southwold Bench. This will soon be full of an abundance of vibrant flowering plants and where you’re able to take a break and soak up some sun in the Walled Garden. The trellis will host four Passiflora plants which we think will just look stunning against the vintage brick wall. One of our Pea & Bean Frames will also be standing tall in this section and will be smothered in an abundance climbing greenery.

You’ll also find four large Standard Wooden Raised Beds in the centre of the plot; these will be growing an abundance of fruit and vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, beetroot, chard, lettuces, radishes, leeks, dwarf beans and courgettes!

Hoveton Beds & Arch April

We’re incredibly excited to see the Kitchen Garden in full bloom but also to see how it changes throughout the seasons from year to year.

You can visit the Hoveton Hall Gardens every Sunday to Friday until Friday 30th September 2022. You can buy tickets at arrival or be prepared and buy your tickets online here. Each part of the estate has its own unique characteristics and there’s much more to see on site such as The Glass House, The Magnolia Garden and Lake, The Ice Well, The Kidney Lake as well as enjoying the Woodland Walk.

Not only this but Hoveton Estate is home to the Garden Kitchen Café, a beautiful and quirky café set alongside the gorgeous grounds of the estate.

You can find Hoveton Hall Estate here:
Hoveton Hall Gardens, Hoveton Hall Estate, Hoveton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 8RJ