Stephanie's Garden Blog

Stephanie's Garden Blog

Welcome to Stephanie's Garden Blog, where we keep you up to date with our gardening exploits and anything of interest in the big wide world of gardening. With regular updates from Stephanie and our Kitchen Gardener Louise, from sowing to harvesting, we hope you enjoy our gardening journey! 


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Weekly Kitchen Garden Blog - First Asparagus Harvest

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Jo on 28 April 2014

This week it's all about the brassica's, planting out our sprouts, broccoli and kale now that the plants have been hardening off.

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Summer Watering

Posted in Category Watering by Harrod Horticultural on 23 April 2014

Keeping plants in both the kitchen and ornamental garden well watered during the summer can be a real challenge, so drought-afflicted gardeners across the country will be delighted to learn that we've got plenty of ideas

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This week in the Kitchen Garden

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Jo on 16 April 2014

Despite a very wet winter, we have had lovely dry warm weather of late which has dried out the soil. April is a crucial month for garlic as the bulbs are forming ready for harvest in a couple of month?s time.

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Time for a greenhouse spring clean!

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Jo on 7 April 2014

As we move further into spring it's time to take off the bubble wrap in the greenhouse and give all the glass a good clean, before the plants get too big.

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Harrod Horticultural's Royal Visit

Posted in Category News & Press Releases by Harrod Horticultural on 2 April 2014

Great excitement on the Harrod Horticultural stand at the Edible Garden Show last week as we received a Royal Visit from HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

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