Using natural pest control in the garden... 

Pests and diseases account for a large percentage of plant failures in the kitchen garden and ornamental border so accurately diagnosing who and what is munching or afflicting your plants is essential – and that’s where Harrod Horticultural, in league with pest expert Gavin Hatt, can help.

On first name terms with most of the usual garden pest and disease suspects - and even a few which are slightly more elusive – and this inside knowledge, coupled with years of experience of solving pest control problems.

Nailing down the right name for pests and diseases is especially important when it comes to using our favoured means of control –natural, biological  predators and nematodes. “These tend to be quite specific and if the wrong treatment is applied then little or no control of the problem is forthcoming, this can also be financially painful!” he says.  

If you want some help with a pest problem that is causing problems in your garden, send in an e-mail and we will respond with some suggestions for solutions and help identify the pest, if you are not sure what it is, to make the identification easier, please send digital photographs with your e-mail. Samples in the post tend to be rather squashed and flattened by the time we see them, so images are better. If you can’t see the pest, please photograph the damage, as this will help identification. There is normally a solution always available but the key is knowing what the insect pest is.”

To take advantage of our Pest and Disease help expert contact Gavin for any advice on using nematode pest control and attach any digital photographs of the pest or damage if necessary. He’ll get back to you with his thoughts and also suggest a solution from our extensive range of natural pest control sprays, nematodes and biological predators - after all, knowing your enemy is half the battle!