Blackberry-Bushes-130617All around the garden this week, there are many plants that will need tying into their supports.  Our blackberry is grown over an archway that suits its rampant growth.  The plants seem to be growing as we watch at the moment and the new stems will need tying in to keep them supported.  Currently they are just bursting into lovely pale pink blossoms and the bees are really enjoying them.

Our bean plants, despite a slow start due to the late frosts, are now twining their way up their support.  They won’t need tying in as they do the job perfectly well by themselves but their neighbours, the broad beans and peas need tying to their stakes to stop them succumbing to the summer winds.

The weeds are currently attempting a takeover all around the garden at the moment, loving the warm wet conditions.  Wet soil means that hoeing is not an option so we will be donning our gloves and knee pads and heading into the beds with a handfork to remove any interlopers that may be lurking amongst our plants.

There is much excitement in the garden this week as we have taken delivery of a rather lovely Wisteria plant that was on our stand at the Chelsea Flower Show, along with a Wisteria Umbrella to train it over.  We chose a spot for it in the garden as soon as we knew it was coming and, now that it is here, we can finally get it planted up.  The support will need concrete feet to hold it steady in the ground, and will stay there for many years as the plant matures.  The plant is already a good size, and will need entwining around the support to form a framework of branches for future flowers to form on.  A very pleasurable task for a warm sunny, summer day.