Stephanie's Garden Blog

Stephanie's Garden Blog

Welcome to Stephanie's Garden Blog, where we keep you up to date with our gardening exploits and anything of interest in the big wide world of gardening. With regular updates from Stephanie and our Kitchen Gardener Louise, from sowing to harvesting, we hope you enjoy our gardening journey! 


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The arrival of Spring

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 27 April 2018

Following the arrival of spring, the garden has put on a growth spurt and it would appear that Mother Nature is trying to make up for lost time. The peonies are quite literally growing as we watch and we just managed to pop the plant supports over them before their stems became too tall.

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Welcome change in the weather

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 20 April 2018

The recent welcome change in the weather has seen the garden hit the fast forward button and everything seems to be growing before our very eyes.

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Bespoke Garden Products

Posted in Category Garden Structures by Harrod Horticultural on 18 April 2018

Over the years we have worked closely with private customers, landscape architects, garden designers and landscapers to deliver wonderful individual bespoke designs.

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Harvest is becoming more bountiful

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 11 April 2018

The weekly harvest is becoming more bountiful as temperatures increase and overwintering crops begin to grow. We are currently harvesting rhubarb, kale, spinach, rocket and the last of the leeks.

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The weather is improving now in the Kitchen Garden

Posted in Category Organic Gardening by Stephanie on 9 April 2018

It's still feeling a little chilly in the kitchen garden, but the weather is definitely improving a bit now. The forecast for the coming weekend is warm and sunny and we will be making the most of the welcome fine conditions to get on with the many jobs that need doing at this time of the year.

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