Stephanie's Garden Blog

Stephanie's Garden Blog

Welcome to Stephanie's Garden Blog, where we keep you up to date with our gardening exploits and anything of interest in the big wide world of gardening. With regular updates from Stephanie and our Kitchen Gardener Louise, from sowing to harvesting, we hope you enjoy our gardening journey! 


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Caring for Birds in Winter

Posted in Category Caring for Nature by Harrod Horticultural on 28 November 2018

Active birds are a great friend of the gardener so don't wait until the depths of winter before putting food out for the local population - start now and help our feathered friends build up enough strength to get through the cold winter.

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Be cautious of hibernating Hedgehogs

Posted in Category Caring for Nature by Stephanie on 26 November 2018

Well this week has seen me clearing paths and borders of leaves after yet another storm has passed through. Though this storm brought snow and hail with temperatures plummeting to what they should be. Whilst I am raking large piles of leaves, I am always cautious of hibernating hedgehogs, I once found a hedgehog sleeping in the leaves of crocosmia.

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Pond Protection Cover

Posted in Category Caring for Nature by Harrod Horticultural on 17 September 2018

My husband and I have used black aluminium poles and slot and lock fittings to make a bespoke raised curved pond cover to protect from herons. We would love these photos to be on the website to show the versatility of the fittings.

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Posted in Category Caring for Nature by Stephanie on 18 June 2014

With over half of the adult population in the UK feeding birds in their garden is it any surprise that Harrod Horticultural has designed two new beautiful bird feeding stations. Harrod stations are available in 2 different styles, Arched Topped and Crown Topped and both will add a real touch of class to any garden.

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Walk In Steel Poultry Cages FAQS

Posted in Category Caring for Nature by Jo on 9 June 2014

Harrod heavy duty Poultry Cages are made using our 60 years manufacturing experience and are supplied with heavy duty chicken netting to keep your chickens safe. Based on our best selling fruit cages our chicken and poultry cages form a large part of our range these days.

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