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Stephanie's Garden Blog

Welcome to Stephanie's Garden Blog, where we keep you up to date with our gardening exploits and anything we think might be of interest in the big wide world of gardening. With regular updates from Stephanie and Jo, from sowing to harvesting, we hope you enjoy following our gardening journey! 


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Composting Kitchen and Garden Waste

Posted in Category Composting by Harrod Horticultural on 27 November 2018

Composting kitchen and garden waste is an environmentally friendly source of organic matter that helps to reduce landfill and won't cost you a penny.

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Leaf Mould

Posted in Category Composting by Harrod Horticultural on 1 October 2018

There's no escaping the fact that in the garden, a large part of the autumn is spent clearing up fallen leaves, but there's an upside to all your hard work - leaf mould.

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New Year Tidy Up at the Kitchen Garden

Posted in Category Composting by Stephanie on 5 January 2018

With the remainder of the brussels sprouts now harvested, there has been lots of tidying and composting going on to get ready for another gardening year!

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Composting Do's & Don'ts

Posted in Category Composting by Harrod Horticultural on 23 August 2016

There are a number of Do's & Don'ts when it comes to composting - so to make it easier we have created a simple check list along with some common problems.

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Hot Composting or Traditional Composting

Posted in Category Composting by Jo on 22 August 2016

For years, the art of making compost has been shrouded in mystery. Gardeners would regularly creep down to their heap in a neglected and forgotten corner of the garden, armed with old plant material, newspapers and other seemingly useless and unwanted items before the big day, months later, when they would emerge with a steaming wheelbarrow full of wonderful compost.

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