Garden Forks

Garden forks can get their fair share of heavy use and even abuse, so we have selected a range of the highest quality, garden forks from renowned Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer Tools and British manufacturer Burgon & Ball.

Each Sneeboer fork, made from the finest stainless steel, is individually shaped, polished and sharpened by hand before being fitted with a fine quality ash handle - and Sneeboer have always produced forks with flat face tines and a 'V' shaped back in contrast to most forks which tend to be square or round.

Endorsed by the RHS, the Burgon & Ball range of forks are made using high quality stainless steel and strong ash handles to create strong, reliable tools.

So, whether you are looking for a digging fork to loosen up the soil, a hand fork for more intricate tasks or even a specialist ground elder fork, we will have the ideal tool for the job!

Reasons To Buy
  • Sneeboer Forks Hand Forged in Holland Since 1913!
  • Burgon & Ball Forks Made in the UK
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Garden Forks
  • Wide Range of Styles
  • Built to Last, Long Guarantees
Exclusive designed & made by us in the UK
Exclusive designed &
made by us in the UK