Sneeboer Border Fork

The Sneeboer Border Fork is a versatile and balanced 4-tine stainless steel fork, ideal for use in borders and beds and provides a lighter alternative to the larger Sneeboer Digging Fork
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Size: 112cm Overall Length
Product Code: GGT-988
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The Sneeboer Border Fork is a versatile and balanced 4-tine stainless steel fork, ideal for use in borders and beds and provides a lighter alternative to the larger Sneeboer Digging Fork

Hand forged in Holland from stainless steel and fitted with an immaculately prepared ash handle, the Border Fork measures 112cm (3'8") in length, features 18.5cm (8") long tines, has a 15.5cm (6") wide head and combines traditional manufacturing techniques with astonishing performance.

  • Sneeboer Border Fork measures 112cm (3'8) in overall length
  • 4 tines
  • Weighs 1.8kg
  • 15.5cm (6") wide head
  • Tines measure 18.5cm (8") in length and are 2cm wide
  • 3cm gap between tines
  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Hand forged in traditional manner in Holland
  • Ash handle
  • 'V' shaped back pushes easily through soil
  • Suitable for both men and women gardeners
  • Well-balanced for comfortable use
  • Ideal gardening present or gift
  • Will give decades of service
  • Steelwork carries a 10 year guarantee
  • Wooden handle carries a 1 year guarantee

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Two years on... By Anonymous 5 23rd April 2016

I posted my first review for this fork on April 3, 2014. After two years of continuous use my pleasure in owning and using it has only grown. It has not led an easy life in this time, being involved in the restoration of a derelict garden. Apart from the occasional hose down and kind word, it has required no maintenance to keep it looking and performing like new. The fork tines continue to glide effortlessly though the soil (with no sharpening) and are true and straight. I love the positive feel that its weight gives it. It is so well balanced that the weight is in no way cumbersome to me. I did consider buying a spade of the same brand but have found this fork, with its flattened tines, to be an adequate substitute for many of the shovelling and hole digging jobs I thought I wanted the spade for. Two years on the initial high cost is a distant memory and I have my lovely fork.

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Worth every penny By Francesca Allaby 5 20th August 2014

We took on a full size overgrown allotment last autumn and the two rather bog standard forks we had before seemed ok, if a little heavy and blunt in design. I had admired forks used by more famous gardners because they seemed to have sharp tines that could be kept sharpened and so better cared for, but until I saw this Sneerboer one I'd not found many like that. I was surprised at how heavy it is but now find that reassuring and it's not cumbersome. I wasn't sure about the t shaped handle as I'd never used that style before but I now prefer it. I really love this fork. It has made clearing our overgrown allotment a breeze and a joy: digging up thistles, nettles, couch grass etc. whereas one of our other forks soon broke. The flattened tines are also brilliant at shifting compost and soil about without spilling it all. It has really taken heavy use but I'm confident in it being used and loved for many years to come. I am petite, just under 5ft, while my hubbie is over 6ft and we both prefer it to our one remaining older one.

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sneeboer ladies fork By Anonymous 4 22nd April 2014

The reason that I bought this fork after years of using a Rolls Royce of an old, long handled Irish fork (now some 70 years old, belonged to my father), was that my grip is not as strong. due to developing hand arthritis, on a wide diameter handle and also that the mid range length would save the bending needed with a more conventional shorter handled fork. The positives are that the handle is thinner in diameter and more comfortable to grasp and also that the slightly flanged and wide tines make a difference. These slice cleanly into the ground but I find that the tines are slightly too close together so stones can get wedged in them. I like the length of the handle....less to move around and lever than my old fork and an easily manipulated length. Slight quibble is that the ends of the T piece tend to catch my pockets, but practise will make perfect here. My main quibble is the weight of the fork which at 1.7 seems rather heavy and when I compare it to my old fork it seems disproportionately heavy. And are there any suggestions regarding the treatment and preservation of the wooden handle...I always give these a slosh of linseed over the winter, should I do the the same with this. By and large, very happy and these comments are meant to inform rather than grumble. Harrod's service was, as usual, excellent, even to the extent of giving me a late discount.

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Many thanks for your feedback which we will pass onto Japp at Sneeboer. We would agree using linseed oil for wiping ash handles helps to keep them in tip top condition.

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