Here at Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden this week we are going to be giving all our raised beds and manger planters a generous mulch. We have been busy planting out lots of young vegetable plants and the weather has very kindly kept them well watered over the past couple of weeks. Now that the sun has come out we need to make the most of that moisture and keep it in the soil. We will be covering the beds with a good layer of strulch to help retain the moisture and also suppress the weeds. Over time it will break down and become a soil improver which is an added bonus and it looks good too!

We will also be hoeing our beds regularly to keep on top of the weeds which are also enjoying the weather conditions. 

This week will see the annual delivery of bees to Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden. They will live in a hive positioned near the fruit cage to help pollinate our fruit and veg. 

We will be harvesting lots of lovely broad beans, mangetout, strawberries, asparagus, salad leaves and new potatoes.

Stephanie's Recipe

Broad Beans with shallots, bacon and thyme.

  • Pod the beans and if they are larger double pod the beans (I bring them to the boil and simmer for 3 mins and the skins slip off).
  • Heat some oil and butter in a pan.
  • Add chopped bacon and sauté until starting to crisp, add finely chopped shallots, and garlic and sauté for a few minutes.
  • Add the double podded beans and some finely chopped thyme and black pepper.
  • Heat through for a few minutes

A wonderful accompaniment to grilled fish or meat - enjoy!