In Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden, moving our pots into the shade of a north facing fence and standing them in trays to keep water at their feet has proved very effective.   We have mulched raised beds with strulch and the plants certainly seem to be happier for it.  This week we will be continuing to strulch around the tops of larger pots that cannot be moved, as well as other beds.  We will also be using it around the feet of our climbing beans which are now big plants and in need of plenty of moisture.  All plants are given a thorough soaking and a good feed before the strulch is spread on the top of the soil.














It looks as though we are set to continue our drought watering regime for the foreseeable future with no sign of any rain on the weather forecast.  Water companies around the country have warned of possible hose-pipe bans and asked customers to be careful of their water usage.  It is now more important than ever to make efforts to protect our plants and crops from the scorching sun and drying winds. 

The greenhouse blinds are keeping temperatures down inside the greenhouse and the capillary matting we put on the staging back at the start of the growing season is doing a brilliant job of keeping humidity levels up.  The plants certainly seem happy enough. 

Whilst the heat and sun are giving us plenty of work to do, they are also helping to put on a lovely display around the gardens.  The roses are smothered in flowers and our herb garden is revelling in the Mediterranean style conditions.   Our Kitchen Garden sunflowers are growing as we watch.  They’ll soon be putting on a fabulous display very soon.  And this week we will be picking our blackcurrants which are looking fat and juicy in the sunshine.