Carolina RubyThis week In Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden we are harvesting the sweet potatoes. This is one of our favourite crops as it always looks so good. We like to grow them in a raised bed and train them up an obelisk to provide us with a real focal point. However it is always nervous moment when we come to dig up the tubers and see the fruits of our labour. Sweet potatoes enjoy long, hot summers, which we haven’t had this year so it has been a great result. Carolina Ruby was the best cropping of the two varieties grown this year so we will be definitely choosing them again.

We will also be applying grease to our fruit trees. This will help to prevent any pests making their way up into the tree over the winter ready to strike next year. The grease needs to be well worked into any cracks or crevices on the tree trunk for maximum effectiveness.  Don’t forget to keep vigilant with clearing up leaves under the fruit trees, otherwise they will provide pests and diseases with an ideal hibernation spot under your trees – ready to emerge in the spring and attack your crop.