Heavy Duty Hand Leaf Grabs

These tough polypropylene hand grabs will be a popular addition to your garden tool collection, perfect for collecting grass cuttings and tidying Autumn leaves  ...More information

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These extra large 'hand extenders' are simple to use and have a strong plastic hand strap for a secure grip. The leaf scoops make garden tidying a breeze, collecting large amounts of leaves or grass cuttings while keeping hands dry. 

Tough and durable, these useful leaf grabs are supplied in one size fits all and will become a firm favourite in your garden tidy tools. 

  • Made from heavy duty polypropylene
  • Secure grip
  • Ideal for collecting autumn leaves and grass cuttings
  • Keep hands dry while collecting
  • One size fits all


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The English GardenDecember 2014

Leaf Collectors on Trial

Helping Hands - The most straightforward ideas are often the best. These Heavy Duty Hand Leaf Grabs from Harrod Horticultural simply act as large hands. Each polypropylene scoop has a plastic strap that would fit nearly every size of hand, so it is fair to say that one size fits all. They are light and you need not change the action you use to lift the leaves - some of the others felt a little alien to use. I like the fact that they helped keep my hands dry. They are as close to the 'two bits of board' method as you can get, but with more comfort. Easy to store, I suggest you tie them together over the summer so you don't lose one. I wish they were red or orange, as I fear I would lose them in the garden. That said, they are my top choice.

Number of Articles: 1
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