Insect Barrier Glue 200g

Tree trunks are a key route for many pests to attack fruit trees, that's where the Insect Barrier Glue can provide an easy way of monitoring pest activity...More information

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The glue or grease is brushed on in 10cm wide bands around 18cm above ground level and is applied in the Autumn and can be renewed in February. The grease needs to be well worked into any cracks or crevices on the tree trunk for maximum effectiveness, provding a simple way of monitoring activity of any unwanted pests.

  • Available in 200g tub
  • Helps you monitor pest activity on fruit trees
  • Apply in the Autumn, can be reapplied in February

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Grow Your Own10-08-2013

Practical Projects - Your must-have autumn tree planting kit

Formulated with rape seed resin, this sticky fruit tree grease is to be used as a paste on the trunk of the trees. The simple function of the grease is to stop crawling insect pests from climbing up onto the branches and fruit. The grease allows you to then identify the pests that you may be prone to on your plot. This gives fast and effective results and is very easy to spread on.

Number of Articles: 1
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