Kitchen_Garden_Staging_150115Here at Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden this week we will be sowing the first seeds of 2015.  Last week we finished cleaning all the pots and staging and the greenhouse and all its contents look as good as new.

This week we will be sowing some early peas in a trough.  These will be put in the heated part of the green house which has been sectioned off with bubble wrap to prevent us having to heat the whole greenhouse.  This is not only cost efficient but also allows for part of the greenhouse to remain unheated.  The unheated section will become home to trays of broad beans sown into rootrainers and shallots sets sown into seed trays.  These in turn will be placed into an unheated propagator to protect them from extreme frosts and prevent the mice from eating them before they get a chance to grow.

We will also be cleaning and assembling our heated propagator in preparation for sowing tomato, pepper and aubergine seeds towards the end of the month.

After weeks of maintenance, cleaning and digging in the Kitchen Garden it is so exciting to be finally sowing something.  A sign that the spring is only just around the corner.....