Vitopod Heated Propagator

The Vitopod Propagator is a large electric heated propagator, a mini greenhouse and a cold frame all wrapped up into one - it possesses a range of high specification features, making it the most talked about propagator amongst gardeners...More information

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The Vitopod Propagator has recently been voted 'Best Buy' by BBC Gardeners World maintaining it's position as one of the most popular and widely acclaimed heated propagators on the market. 

  • Offers more control than any other propagator - temperature adjustable to 1°C within a range of 5°C to 30°C
  • New and improved thermostat controller with a large display and push button controls
  • Add height with layers for the various plant growth stages
  • Generously sized air vents
  • Several size options available:
  • Single Length, Single Layer (56cm L x 55cm W x 24cm H)
  • Single Length, Double Layer (56cm L x 55cm W x 39cm H)
  • Double Length, Single Layer (111cm L x 58cm W x 24cm H)
  • Double Length, Double Layer (111cm L x 58cm W x 39cm H)
  • Single Length Height Extension (56cm L x 55cm W x 15cm H)
  • Double Length Height Extension (111cm L x 58cm W x 15cm H)

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Ten great things about the Vitopod

1. Reduce energy use
– only heat the plants, not the entire greenhouse. Everyone knows that’s cheaper!

2. Don’t lose your prized plants to the winter – protect the tender plants you spent all summer caring for. If you choose the heated Vitopod you can select any temperature between 5°C – 30°C and keep your plants warm without ‘cooking their roots’.

3. Extend your growing season – keep growing when the weather starts to turn cold by putting even tall plants in a double or triple height Vitopod to protect them from the harsh conditions. Start the season earlier without worrying that the spring might be late - if you start early and spring arrives late just add extra height to the Vitopod and your plants will continue to grow without running out of ‘head’ space.

4. Propagate more successfully – precise temperature control, even heat distribution, large vents for humidity control and a perfect height all combine to make it easy for you to raise great plants from seeds and cuttings.

5. Reduce your clutter – Vitopod helps you propagate, harden off and protect plants through the winter – just one product for three jobs. And it all flat packs away for those rare moments when you’re not using it. That’s great news for your minimalist family members.

6. Look gorgeous – its crystal clear good looks mean that Vitopod looks the part even in the most stylish of homes, so even non-gardening family members won’t mind you using the Vitopod indoors.

7. Stay beautiful – Vitopod is resistant to UV deterioration so it won’t yellow and it’s made from a durable, slightly flexible material so that there’s less risk of it breaking when you drop it on the greenhouse floor or patio.

8. Save money – buy just one product for propagation, hardening–off and winter protection, use less heating and raise plants from seeds and cuttings instead of buying expensive young plants ready for planting out. 

9. Have more fun – many gardeners and growers agree that starting plants from cutting or seed is the most rewarding aspect of growing.

10. Raise plug plants more successfully – BBC Gardening expert Steve Brookes recommends that even plug plants should be placed in a protective environment like the Vitopod before planting out so that they can be gradually introduced to life outdoors.

What The Press Say

Number of Articles: 12
Kitchen GardenFebruary 2015

Five Propagators to Try

It's not cheap, but this is among the best that money can buy. Adjustable height and excellent heat control, 5 degrees C to 30 degrees C. Has both side and roof ventilators.

The English GardenNovember 2014

Propagators on Test

The Vitopod Propagator is far from a windowsill model. Available in two sizes, and with the option of buying a two-layer lid, it is ideal for the semi-professional or very serious gardener. The base is evenly heated and is easily controlled, allowing you to set a temperature of between 5 and 30 degrees C. In short, you could propagate anything using this model. The clear lid lets in the maximum amount of light UV protected, it won't yellow. The thermostat is really easy to use and very clear - top marks for this. I was tempted to choose this as my top pick, but I didn't as it is possibly too large for most gardeners. The standard model measures 50cm x 50cm x 24cm and is designed for two standard seed trays, and the large is 50cm x 100cm x 24cm and can accommodate five seed trays. For polytunnel or greenhouse gardeners, and for those who want to use taller pots for cuttings - this is for you.

Number of Articles: 12
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