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Greenhouse Bubble Wrap - 20mm Bubbles

Saves up to 50% on heating costs and 'frost proof' and unheated Greenhouse!

Our 20mm greenhouse bubble insulation is UV stabilised, offers better light tranmission, double laminated for extra strength and better insulation and can saves up to 50% on heating costs when using a greenhouse heater....More information

Pack Content: Per Metre or 10m Roll
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It’s a great idea to line the inside of your greenhouse during the winter – it’s economical, quick, will frost-proof the structure and can extend the growing season for up to 6 weeks. Working out how much bubble insulation you need and just how to fit it can be a problem, so the chart on the help and advice tap will give a guide to what you’ll need and how to fit it!

The double construction creates a strong 'sandwich' effect making our bubble insulation the best around - you'll find it hard to burst our bubbles! - and as the material is UV stabilised too, you can bank on it keeping any warmth in the greenhouse for you for many winters to come!

Our 1.5m (5') wide, laminated, UV stabilised 20mm bubble wrap greenhouse insulation is the real deal - beware of the packing bubble wrap where you can easily burst the bubbles with your fingers as this won't do the job.  Our greenhouse bubble wrap will help to keep an unheated greenhouse frost free so greatly reducing fuel/electricity consumption in heated greenhouses, saving up to 50%on heating costs!

The bigger 20mm double laminated greenhouse bubble wrap insulation should be placed with the bubbles against the glass for maximum insulating effect.  

  • Bubble Insulation is double laminated for added strength and durability
  • Fit to the inside of the greenhouse to create a heat maintaining double glazing effect
  • UV stabilised so will last for seasons
  • Weighs 102g/sqm (not to be confused with cheaper versions weighing only half as much)
  • 20mm double laminated bubble insulation provides excellent light transmission
  • Can cut greenhouse heating costs by up to 50%!
  • Use with our alliplugs
  • Easy to fix up and take down
  • Will last season after season
  • Allispacers lift bubble insulation off glass creating greater insulation
  • Use corner adaptors for neat corner fit
  • Available by the linear metre or in Extra Value 10m rolls.

Buy Extra Value Pack Twin Pack - 2 x 10 metre rolls  and Save £10.00!

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Yes, it makes a difference. By Linda Graham 5 9th November 2016

Very easy to use with the alliplugs. Width is ideal and I was able to wrap my large greenhouse with 2 rolls around the walls. I've sent off for some more to do the roof. It's definitely made the greenhouse warmer inside.

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mecon By Anonymous 5 6th November 2016

product was as described, great service,reccomended seller

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Good Quality product, could be improved by being e By John Dover 4 29th October 2016

Good quality, thick horticultural grade bubble wrap. Width not ideal for my greenhouse as, like most houses, the sections are 2 feet apart, and 2 doesn't divide exactly into 5! Roof span on my house is also 5ft 6" per side, so wrap not quite wide enough to use lengthwise! 6 ft wrap would have been ideal. It must be easy to fix to aluminium houses with aliplugs, but with wood like mine you need to stick drawing pins through it. No obvious solution to this.

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How to Insulate the Greenhouse

It’s a great idea to line the inside of your greenhouse during the winter – it’s economical, quick, will frost-proof the structure and can extend the growing season for up to 6 weeks. Working out how much bubble insulation you need and just how to fit it can be a problem, so the chart below will give a rough guide to what you’ll need and how to fit it!

Size of Greenhouse (feet)      Amount of Bubble Wrap Required
6 x 4                                         14m (2 rolls, 1.5m wide)
6 x 8                                         18m (2 rolls, 1.5m wide)
8 x 10                                       21m (3 rolls, 1.5m wide)
8 x 12                                        27m (3 rolls, 1.5m wide)
Don’t forget to allow 3 alliplugs (GHE-009) and spacers (GHE-010) per glazing bar; likewise with the corner adaptors (GHE-011).

When fitting the insulation, the following information may help. 

  • Measure from the floor to the apex of the greenhouse up one side and back down other, and cut the insulation to length.
  • Go to the back of the greenhouse, away from the door then fold the insulation in half and secure the middle to the top ridge.
  • Work along each glazing bar securing the insulation to the roof and sides with the alliplugs.
  • Have a sharp knife handy to cut the bubble wrap where the vents and windows are sited. Repeat for the next panel, gradually working towards the door.
  • The end panel which includes the door is best tackled by attaching the insulation to the outside of the structure, cutting to size and then securing inside.
  • Simply cut the insulation which covers the door as this will allow both access and the bubble wrap to hang down – it’s a good tip to allow extra bubble wrap below the door which you can fold and weigh down, allowing less cold air to enter.     


What The Press Say

Number of Articles: 6
Grow Your OwnOctober 2014

On Test - Cold Protection - Dave Finkle reviews a range of fleeces, cloches and covers for the winter plot

Best Buy - Practicality 5***** Value 5***** Storability 5***** This is big bubble wrap that you can't pop! As bubble wrap goes, this is simply industrial and effective. The large air pockets will act like mini bio domes. The product is designed to line your greenhouse for the winter. Typical of Harrod products, even simple bubble wrap meets all of its demands! Boasting that it is UV stabilised, the product will last for several years. Due to the size of the air pockets, your greenhouse will be kept frost-free without the need for additional help from heaters, which makes it a very attractive price. It really is well made and reassuringly tuff! With Harrod you have the option of buying by the metre or as a 10 metre roll.

Grow Your OwnDecember 2013

On Test - Indoor Growing - Dave Finkle

This bubble wrap has 20mm air pockets which creates more efficient thermal stability. Basically a larger cavity gives better protection from frosts. A single layer acting as a curtain is all you would need to remove the risk of freeze burn. Don't forget the fact that you can manipulate bubble insulation as a ground fleece or cloche too

Number of Articles: 6
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