Seedlings-150317The greenhouse is the central focus of our Kitchen Garden at the moment, as it is home to tray upon tray of seedlings and small plants.  This week we will be adding onion sets to the staging in the cooler part of the greenhouse.  The sets have just arrived in the post and we like to pot these into modules to get them started off before planting them outside.  This stops the birds from pulling them out of the soil, and the shelter of the greenhouse helps to get them started off a little quicker than they would outside.

In the warmer part of the greenhouse and the heated propagator, plants are growing fast and we are keeping a daily watch on them to make sure they have adequate water.  It’s important to keep the watering consistent to stop them drying out and also to stop them becoming too wet which can cause damping off.

The greenhouse temperature is varying dramatically at the moment as the nights are still very cold, but on sunny days the temperature inside is soaring.  Our autovents on the windows have been activated on a couple of days recently, providing valuable ventilation when it is needed.  It’s a good idea to open the door on warm days to allow air to circulate, taking care to close it again quickly when the temperature drops.

Outside we are also keeping a close eye on our rhubarb plants.  Two plants are currently covered by rhubarb forcers and they are literally growing while we watch!  It will only be a matter of days before the stems are big enough to pull and my mouth is watering at the prospect.