Stephanie's Top 3 Product Picks for August 

August is often a month where sunshine frequents and rainfall is rare. However, this year we’ve witnessed a far cooler and wetter August than normal so far. Though I hear the temperatures are set to soar as we near the end of the month, which is definitely a welcome relief for us gardeners. Despite the unpredictable weather, crops in the kitchen garden have continued to thrive. From courgettes and broccoli to green beans and tomatoes, we’ve been enjoying some delicious organic, veggie-rich dishes with my harvests thus far.

I’ve been using many products in the Kitchen Garden this month, but I’ve managed to narrow down my top 3:


With such an extended rainfall this year, slugs have been frequenting the garden on an almost daily basis. Nemaslug provides the perfect solution for reducing the numbers organically, with one application providing up to 6 weeks protection. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and wildlife.

Stephanies Top Picks August 2021 Nemaslug

Organic Seaweed Plant Food
For those of us keen to help our gardens look their best but in a natural way, then there’s no better product than liquid seaweed. At this time of year, everything requires a good feed to add much-needed nutrients, ultimately improving the yield. You can use it on all plants, including flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables.

Stephanies Top Picks August 2021 Seaweed

HotBin (Mk2) Composter
As an avid recycler, I’m always looking for other ways to help protect our wonderful environment. Composting can help to enhance the nutrient content of the soil in your garden as well as reducing waste in landfills. The HotBin Mk2 produces compost faster than other traditional compost methods (as little as 90 days) and enables you to add everything from leaves and twigs to kitchen waste, including meat and fish.

Stephanies Top Picks August 2021 Hotbin


I hope you are all having successful harvests this year and let's hope we get to enjoy some much needed warm weather as the month progresses!

Happy Gardening!